IsoLogistics Oy collects, sorts and recycles batteries and dry batteries with the objective of re-utilization as high as possible quality of service coupled with eco-friendly processing.

IsoLogistics Oy aim is to offer a sustainable and trustworthy service to customers and stakeholders. This can only be done by producing consistent quality and services according to requirements.

Quality considerations are taken into account at all stages of production. This requires that all personnel are aware of, and  responsible for, the quality of their own work.

Service with safety
IsoLogistics Oy recognizes its responsibility to customers, employees, partners and the working environment, safety, well-being, as well as customer information security. Risk analyzes, internal audits and inspections are carried out regularly and the levels of risk determined in accordance with the specific remedies.

We are committed to injury prevention and health deterioration therfore safety measures are carried out in cooperation with the authorities and other partners.

Personnel safety and well-being is taken care of in a systematic and versatile manner and is subject to continuous development.

Saving the environment

As the biggest negative impact on the environment is due to the transport of fossil fuels and emissions to air,
protecting the environment has become a large part of our company ethos. We follow developments in our field, and are constantly assessing our own technical operations in order to develop sound environmental management methods.
The positive environmental impact of batteries and dry batteries using eco-friendly recycling processes, coupled with the best available technology, helps to save virgin natural resources.

We use natural resources judiciously and we try to use products that are recyclable and made from renewable resources.

In conjunction with stakeholders we set the environmental parameters for the business. Personnel awareness of environmental issues is maintained and regular training, unit-specific education is undergone so that every employee’s development and well-being  includes understanding of shared responsibility for environmental and safety considerations.

We will inform occupational health and safety when issues for staff development arises.

Operation of system complies with the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.



IsoLogistics Oy

Kari Raivio