IsoLogistics Oy

Our services are as follows:


  • Logistics management
  • Sorting
  • Recycling
  • Reporting
  • Contracts and permit management in the recycling chain


Logistics Management
We help the customer with advice, guidance on how to pack, label and transport the material to comply with current regulations. We can also, if necessary, arrange all of these services.


Each battery chemistry requires a different recycling process. Therefore it is important that the batteries are sorted correctly in each fraction before shipment to respective recycler.


There are two basic types of processes - pyrometallurgical (the batteries are placed in a furnace and thermally treated) and hydrometallurgical ( the batteries are chemically treated to separate the different materials from each other kinds). To see which processes are used for each battery type - go to Process.


We provide an annual report on the recovered amounts of the various battery types and the final certificate of recycled batteries.


Contract and license management
We establish contracts with the recycler of the material and make sure that everyone in the chain has the necessary permits to treat the products in question.